About me

Made in Hungary, and based in the Netherlands for more than 10 years, have some “French accent” (Lived in France for 2 years) Living nearby Amsterdam with my 2 amazing children and a ginger cat.


Aquarelle, Acryl & oil paintings

My dear friend gave me a picture of him with his love and asked me to paint with all the freedom and time I need.

I had a serious operation in the summer of 2020; but in the recovery period I got the inspiration and I had to follow the call. Sometimes it even wakes me up in the middle of the night and I can just go with the flow without sleeping till it’s finished.

This project took time, but worth it-helped also for me to recover faster.


Murals give me the biggest NRG-boost! Every time I go to my other dimension, pick one song and listen it over and over again.It would make you laugh if I tell you which songs I picked lately.

I prefer to be alone while I’m sketching the contours, but to make it personal I used to ask the owner/ parents mainly, to participate and paint at least 1 line on the whole picture.

So every time you look at it you will think about the one line you made and that makes it more special.

I always found human body one of the most beautiful “subject” to draw or paint.

Few years ago I was in a very difficult situation where next to my full time job, I needed some extra income. I placed some of my nudes on a site where you can sell whatever you like. A guy found me and asked to paint some nudes for him. We ended up with 16 pictures, within 2 weeks of time. I Will never forget how special it felt

Every time I saw someone I pictured as a nude aquarelle. 

Happened to me many times that friends or colleagues asked me to paint something special for them, private painting for a boyfriend or husband what I would never see again or have a chance to present on an exposition.

I just love this.

Happy customers

To say simply: I’m impressed… I have several artworks from Viktoria, but definitely my favourite is “me and my cat”. I love the perspective how she sees the world – differently like most of the people. This painting expresses strong connection and love and something incomprehensible strong positive power… it is perfect!

from Hungary

More to come

from The Netherlands

We wanted a mural for our baby boy with Miffy and Mickey. We’ve sent some samples that we liked to Viktoria and she sent us a sketch. We were immediately excited. Our little boy reacts very cute to the mural and color contrasts!

from The Netherlands

Online Expositions & Latest News


+31 (0)625 25 33 24

In 2023 you can also find me on PureMarkt in NL

Dates and locations:
26.March, Park Frankendael
09.April, Amstelpark
21.Mai, Amsterdamse bos